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  Game of Thrones is the title of the first book in a yet to be finished fantasy series by George R.R. Martin, entitled A Song Of Fire And Ice. Game Of Thrones is also a recently released game on 360 and PS3, a board game, a card game, a tabletop role playing game, a graphic novel, the subject […]

It’s no surprise that lots of American politicians cite Modern Family as their go-to TV comedy. Or that many of them find the Washington D.C. machinations of one Frank Underwood to make for riveting drama viewing. But do you know which senator — and perhaps future presidential candidate — is a Trekkie? Which senator has […]

Summer TV isn’t just for athletic competitions and song-and-dance talent shows anymore. As the networks make good on the promise of year-round scheduling, summer increasingly brings ambitious dramas with big-name talent behind and in front of the camera. Of course, in some cases the big-name talent overwhelms the whole project (we’re looking at you, John Malkovich […]